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Катрина саундтрек к книге Алексея Кондратенко
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Now we are currently working on material for labels, but we do not forget about the album White War. We solve the question of what form will be published album - demo album in the coming months or a licensed studio album a year later. For me, it is important to both. 

In the near future my band will not give concerts because of the work on the album and businesses with labels.

Video for the song Small Sugar houses were partially filmed. Filming was interrupted and will resume in the near future. The project will engage an expert from England.

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Yes, it is true that there is a demo a track Mike Shinoda feat. Ordinal Name "Nobody Stay". Mike has made a sample on his MPC, and I have continued his themeMike knows it, I have informed to him through a blog. And he does not object. I have made this song not for PR of Ordinal Name and when I was drunk. It seemed to me a cool idea.  ... Read all / Читать дальше


Tracklist of an album "White War"

01 Without Religion

02 Another Moon

03 Revolution Is The Most Reliable Way To Kill The Future

04 White War (maybe will not be included)

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The lyrics of a song tells about the darkest days of human lives, and about creation of something great, like creation of love, or new life, or some art. Watch this music vido, post a comments and vote!

Текст песни рассказывает о самых темных днях нашей жизни и о создании чего-то светлого, как например любовь, рождение новой жизни или искусство. Смотрите видео, комментируйте и голосуйте!


Количество сайтов, посвященных Ordinal Name растет! Посетить новый сайт можно здесь http://ordinal-name.dark-news.ru

Tracklist of the album "White War" is not defined yet. We have not solved, which of 40 recorded songs exactly will be on an album. But I'd like to necessarily make a conceptual CD, and it will depend from his track-list. At present it is possible to tell that the album will include a cover-version of one of songs Linkin Park. What song is called it's a secret. Also "White War" will include post-hardcore/ambient track "The Approximation" and the hit track "Small Sugar Houses". 

Треклист альбома White War пока не определен. Мы не решили, какие именно из 40 записанных песен попадут на альбом. Но я бы хотел сделать обязательно концептуальный диск, и это будет зависеть от сочетания треков. Сейчас можно сказать, что будет включать кавер одной из песен группы Linkin Park. Как назы ... Read all / Читать дальше


The vocalist of Ordinal Name - Alex Max will not work with Samokhvaloff as leader-vocalist of this post-punk band. In the future if this two band find interesting ideas, probably they will create something together but any way it will be performed by "Ordinal Name feat. Samokhvaloff" only. Punk or post-punk is not actual genre anymore for singer–songwriter of Ordinal Name. No more any another bands, ... Read all / Читать дальше


The latest news! Forum of Fan-club Ordinal Name was opened and available on http://nefor.dark-news.ru/address

Thanks for it to web-site Dark News

Any interested person can enter. For the first time for long time, people from the different countries, dividing style O.N., at ... Read all / Читать дальше


Recently there was a news that post-punk band "Samokhvaloff" is going to involve me in recording of them album. So it's true.

I like to work with different bands. But, to tell something definitively about it news I will not yet. We were limited only to telephone conversation. It is necessary to underline that to adress of Ordinal Name or album "White War" our negotiations with Samokhvaloff do not concern in any way.

Let's look what will be further...


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